What is Mentorpreneur? A person? A Company? An ideology? A concept? In fact, it is all these and more...
It is the brainchild of a successful and well known Indian entrepreneur, Sanjiv Bhavnani, whose strong belief in the abilities of young entrepreneurs to deliver innovative business ideas and lead global change through the development of new business models, by leveraging the experience of established entrepreneurs turned mentors, that sparked off Mentorpreneur.

Since time immemorial, mentors have helped shape great leaders, whether it was Aristotle who mentored Alexander the Great or in more recent times Freddie Laker, who mentored Richard Branson.

Mentorpreneur is hence an organisation that brings together experienced professionals with diverse expertise to mentor young and growing ventures to find their rightful place in global business, often by taking on significant accountability for inherent risks and the outcome of such ventures.

Though Mentorpreneur does provide its services at a charge to large corporates, however, it is comfortable buying into equity of start-up and small and mid-sized ventures wherein it believes successful businesses ideas could be nurtured. As such it brings early stage ventures the advantage of its collective expertise, knowledge, funding and networking, in order to position such ventures into businesses that attract more talent, funds and markets, thereby creating long term value for both entities. An ideal Win:Win.

MENTORPRENEUR helps you leverage the experience, expertise, capital, commercial skills and network of its highly acclaimed professional resources to guide your business in scaling up itself to levels that get it recognition & growth, thereby creating a mutual gain for stakeholders of both.


To Mentor individuals & Organisations in getting recognised and fulfillment of their business needs towards achieving their deserved position, thereby creating value for themselves and their stakeholders.

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