Mentorpreneur Advisors is an exclusive network of industry specialists & academic professionals who advise senior business executives, decision makers and leading investors globally on critical business issues that they need to plan for, when doing business in India.

Industry Practice Groups

Mentorpreneur Advisors has the following Industry Practice Groups:

  • Information Technology and IT enabled Services
  • Telecom & Internet: Infrastructure and Services
  • Hospitality and Travel related Services
  • Media, Advertising & PR Services
  • Consumer Goods
  • Financial Services
  • Legal Services

One or more Advisors from these groups deliver their expert services to clients in one of the following forms:

  • In-person interactions at client premises
  • On-site projects of defined duration
  • Through telephonic consultations
  • Through e-mail
  • Through surveys

Are you an Industry specialist or professional with at least 5 years of experience in any of the above verticals?

If you are qualified and carry a level of expertise in your field, that could be required by other organisations, and have time to advise such organisations without there being a conflict of interest with your current employment, Mentorpreneur can provide you opportunities to earn handsomely on your free time.

Get empanelled with Mentorpreneur as an Advisor!

Advisors determine their own hourly consulting rates based on their qualifications, experience and expertise in their field. They have the opportunity to earn additional income by participating in projects, consulting assignments, surveys and by speaking at seminars, mentoring sessions, group meetings etc.

Confidentiality and compliance are key to Mentorpreneur Advisors' services. It protects Mentorpreneur's clients, Advisors and employees. Mentorpreneur's policies and procedures have been developed through years of experience, consultation with independent legal counsel and benchmarking against industry best-practices.

Broadly, Mentorpreneur Advisors, through its "Terms & Conditions" attempts that an Advisor's membership and participation shall not present any conflict of interest, a breach in any agreement, policy, code of conduct, confidentiality or proprietary information or perceived conflict of interest with any party, either the Advisor's current or previous employer or Mentorpreneur's client availing of such advisory services.

All consultations are confidential and Advisors' personal information is never sold to third parties for marketing purposes.

Advantages to Advisors

  • Monetise your free time
  • Define your own hourly consulting fee
  • Work in your strength areas
  • Travel if you want, otherwise, consult through mail & phone
  • Get more exposure in your field of specialisation
  • Work with like-minded professionals
  • Your contracts remain Confidential

Apply Now.

Interested in becoming an Advisor, by joining Mentorpreneur Advisors as a panellist?

Mail a copy of your Resume to us and wait for our response. You might just be on the verge of seeing your dreams come true!


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