From the commencement of its business in January 2009, Mentorpreneur has steadily built a portfolio of businesses under its mentorship. Some of these are:

An International BPO

A young and able management team, with experienced and stable agents, backed by the best in contact center technology from predictive dialers to redundant IPLC, broadband and power links and an enviable client list - These are the essential ingredients to success for this start-up. mentored by Mentorpreneur. The absence of grey hair in the hands-on management team in this venture is more than made up by the experience and expertise that Mentorpreneur has brought in and also the global reach for bagging new business and ensuring quality delivery through this international contact center that handles sales and back-end processes with the same ease that it does inbound and outbound calls in the B2B and B2C space.

A Contemporary IT Solution Provider

A consulting and IT services provider led by a dynamic and visionary CEO who is passionate about using web-technology to drive change in the world of business. With clients globally, this company offers a wide range of solutions across industries. Armed with an integrated service portfolio, starting from strategy to the final implementation, it handles everything ably.

Driven by fresh ideas and innovation, this company creates its own solutions for everything that it does. Its team specializes in developing solutions that help organizations seamlessly manage their enterprise, customers, suppliers, business partners, stakeholders and employees. As a complete IT solutions provider plus consulting powerhouse, it offers a wide range of expertise aimed at helping customers re-engineer and re-invent their businesses to compete successfully in a dynamic marketplace. Its driving force is to give clients the much needed, competitive advantage in the marketplace and within budget, while adhering to timelines.

A Business Travel & Event Management Company

A decade old business travel and event management company which envisioned India's rapid transformation to lead the world order. With over fifty man years of combined experience in the Service Industry, the company decided to unravel the mystery of India to foreign companies that saw a huge potential market in India's vast middle class consumer base, while simultaneously attempting to assist Indian companies in widening their horizons and tapping overseas markets for technology & trade tie-ups, mergers & acquisitions, legal & financial guidance.

It has organized several events (including Meetings, Incentives, Conferences & Exhibitions) for leading Companies over the past decade and has won acclaim from several clients for its professional approach and helpful nature in providing real "value for money" services. It also arranges customized Flight, Cruise & Hotel Reservations for its clients using the same underlying values. Apart from this, it has affiliations with Sabre, Zuji and Travelocity that power on-line bookings on airlines, trains, coaches, cruises, hotels, resorts, excursions and sight-seeing in any part of the world through its highly acclaimed travel portal.

A Public Relations & Media Management Initiative

Another start-up driven by experienced professionals with over fifty man-years of experience in India's corporate PR & media world, who command tremendous respect and enjoy the goodwill of the print and electronic media alike. From announcing Government initiatives to Joint Ventures, handling new product launces of the corporate world to IPOs; from press releases to interviews on TV channels, this group has done it all.

Mentorpreneur has joined hands in bringing affordable PR within the reach of India's huge base of small & medium businesses in order to getting them noticed for their work and helping them move up the value chain by growing their businesses through expanded reach to clients and investors.

An Enterpreneurial Skill Development Initiative

Professional courses have turned out to be a very popular choice in the present times, with students' opting for various courses of their preference, as they want to zero in on a definite chalked out career early in life. These courses provide a well-defined career in terms of the industry to be pursued like technology, engineering, management, medicine, law, mass media, hospitality etc. Though the Government has put in a lot of effort to promote professional education at various levels, by and large the industry has lamented the lack of a practical approach in our educational system.

In line with its objective of creating enterpreneurial excellence, Mentorpreneur has partnered with a fast growing ICT Company in a Joint Venture to create entrepreneurs out of professionally qualified students and mentoring them to start their own businesses in areas that they have an aptitude for. The program navigates them through skill development (both classroom and hands-on industry exposure) and advanced entrepreneurship training, followed by skill assessment and mentoring. The culmination of this program is in the incumbent mentees starting their own business.

The faculty and mentors for this initiative are seasoned industry professionals, backed by leading market research agencies that work on changing market needs & industry trends and hence assist the incumbents to back their business plans with viable and scalable business models. This initiative then assists the mentored business within its incubator and helps the business get funded.