Is India of interest to You?

With its strong middle class and rising disposable incomes, India offers the best market potential for most global companies viewing overseas markets. However, India's multitude of cultures, religions, languages and diverse demographics pose a big challenge to most companies even years after establishing operations in India. It is a unique market but, one which requires a far deeper understanding of demographics, laws, markets and practically any aspect that touches business.

When entering India, global Corporations are often at a loss in selecting the right team that helps identify and capitalise on the market opportunity. Acclaimed and experienced professionals are hard to find and expensive to employ. Hiring the less experienced ones results in a hit & try approach and often turn expensive owing to time delays on account of team building and the approach. In most instances, Companies end up appointing Agents or Distributors for products, owing to the delays in setting up their own operations. Such agencies may not be the most viable approach to markets due to their individual existence and multiplicity of such representations they may enjoy.

And this is where Mentorpreneur could step in to offer:

  • Experienced professionals to handle strategies, planning, launches, financial, legal & market consultancy on hourly rates starting US$ 100.
  • No capital costs on set-up of office & infrastructure.
  • A clear business visibility plan through advertisement and publicity.
  • Identification of local partner or agents after a due diligence exercise.
  • Filing applications to the Government & getting clearances and/or licences, if required.

Now, isn't that a fast and efficient way of getting started in India?

India: Hub of Global Outsourcing

Inspired by the Indian IT-ITeS success story, several other locations have been presented as alternate options for offshore outsourcing. However, feedback received from several transnationals as well as syndicated analyses comparing the various sourcing locations have revealed that India continues to offer and deliver the best 'bundle' of benefits sought from global sourcing.

With significant potential still untapped, it is expected that the global sourcing phenomenon will continue to expand in scope, scale and geographic coverage. As global delivery matures, multi-location strategies will become the norm and most sourcing destinations, including emerging locations, will grow in size. Building on its existing strengths, India will remain the leading destination and will continue to play an important role in most global sourcing strategies.

Worldwide spending on IT-ITeS witnessed steady growth in 2007, on the back of healthier spending across key markets of the US and Western Europe, and strong growth in emerging markets. Outsourcing continued to be the primary growth engine with global delivery forming an integral part of the strategies adopted by customers as well as service providers.

The year 2007 also witnessed the coming of age of the Indian IT multinationals, with the traditionally India-centric, indigenous players beginning to build noticeable presence in other locations - through cross-border acquisitions, onshore contract wins and organic growth in other low-cost locations. This was complemented by global majors continuing to significantly ramp-up their offshore delivery capabilities - predominantly in India, vindicating the success of the global delivery model and highlighting India's increasingly important role in the new world IT order.

In addition to the growth in scale, the portfolio of services sourced globally continued to expand into higher-value, more complex activities- further reinforcing the growing maturity of the global delivery model.

India's Potential

  • One of the fastest growing economies in the world with a consistent GDP growth over 8%, making it the epicenter of investment.
  • The world's largest democracy, with a population of over 1 billion.
  • The world's largest pool of English-speaking technical professionals.
  • Large pool of young skilled labour force, cost effective production facilities, large domestic market.
  • Fast increasing disposable income with the 350 million strong middle-class, driving consumer demand.
  • Capacity upgradation in infrastructure, industrial base and intellectual capital.
  • Economic and political stability coupled with a stable democracy and common law legal system.
  • Moves by the government in New Delhi to open markets and reduce import tariffs are clearing the way for increased global. trade and investment links with an Indian economy that is expected to reach $1 trillion by 2009
  • The world's third largest investor base only after U.S.A and Japan
  • Goldman Sachs predicts Indian economy to be the third largest in the world by 2050, though most leading economists expect it to reach that position within the next two decades.
  • Progressive tax reforms coupled with opening of the economy to FDI has led to a large presence of FIIs in the Indian capital market with over 451 FIIs and 38 foreign brokers registered with SEBI.
  • Placed amongst the most transparent & mature markets in the world.
  • Liberalized portfolio investment regime.
  • Liberal policy on technology collaboration.

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