Mentorpreneur is an organization that takes on the roles of Mentoring through its international network of entrepreneurs, executives, engineers, attorneys, consultants and other industry professionals who provide mentoring and advisory services to business decision-makers and leading investors from around the world. Further, it provides entrepreneurial guidance and seed capital of its own or guides the entrepreneur in raising Private Equity or even taking the IPO route and or GDR/ADR route to raise capital to fuel its growth plans.

Mentorpreneur is comfortable taking up an equity stake in start-up and small and mid-sized ventures wherein it believes successful businesses ideas could be nurtured. As such it brings early stage ventures the advantage of its collective expertise, knowledge, funding and networking, in order to position such ventures into businesses that attract more talent, funds and markets, thereby creating long term value for both entities.

All ideas shared with Mentorpreneur are protected by Non-Disclosure Agreements and treated as strictly confidential and discussed on a "need-to-know" basis, that such ideas deserve.

Mentorpreneur is directed at the following industry groups:

  • Information Technology and IT enabled Services
  • Telecom & Internet: Infrastructure and Services
  • Hospitality and Travel related Services
  • Media, Advertising & PR Services
  • Consumer Goods
  • Financial Services
  • Legal Services

So essentially, if you have a perceived need for professional guidance or have a brilliant business idea that you are passionate about, and don't know how to take it forward - Mentorpreneur is the answer!

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